An easy low carb way to slip back into the kitchen after the Christmas & New Year break.

Makes one medium pizza for one so scale up for more.


1 (210g) cauliflower & parmesan pizza crust – see earlier post – click here


1/2 cup (70g) walnuts

1 cup (85g) mushrooms, fresh

1 clove (5g) garlic ,fresh

1 teaspoon (3g) smoked paprika

1 teaspoon (3g) cumin seed

1 teaspoon (3g) sweet paprika

2 tablespoons (40ml) sour cream, regular fat

50g avocado, fresh

30g cherry tomatoes

Preheat the oven to 180C / 350F / gas mark 4.
In a food processor blend the mushrooms, walnuts, garlic and spices.
Spread on the base of the pizza.
Place in the oven until hot about 10 minutes.
Remove and top with halved cherry tomatoes, slices of avocado and sour cream.

prep time 10 mins

total time 20 mins

number of serves 1

serve weight 480g

energy 5471.6kj
energy 1307.1cal
protein 41.7g
total fat 118.4g
saturated fat 22.2g
cholesterol 295.1mg
carbohydrate 11.9g
sugars 8.5g
dietary fibre 19.2g
vitamin c 85.5mg
total vitamin a equivalents 559.2μg
sodium 552.5mg
potassium 1879.1mg
calcium 483.0mg
iron 8.4mg

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