the important stuff

The authors cannot be held responsible for claims arising from the inappropriate use or incorrect interpretation of any nutritional advice information described on this website. This website is intended to provide general information only and is not intended to replace any dietary advice given by a qualified health professional. All ingredients were weighed on an OHAUS EB series weighing scale. The recipes were analysed and the nutritional information was calculated using FoodWorks7® Professional Version 7.0.3016 by Xyris Software (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Australia.

Data generated for Australian foods may not be appropriate for use in other countries.

cook by numbers

The recipes are colour-coded in carb grams per serve for easy selection.

nutrition panel

This panel only includes those ingredients specified in the recipe. It does not include additional accompaniments that you may serve with each recipe. It is only an estimate based on the ingredients and weights used and has been analysed by Foodworks7®Professional Version 7.0.3016.

Seasonal variations may occur in the food items used.

  • prep time = the time required to prepare the ingredients prior to commencing the recipe
  • total time = the total time required to complete the recipe, including cooking, standing, cooling, setting and freezing

weighing it up

The number of serves is listed at the top of the nutrition panel for each recipe. The weight of each serve is an edible portion. It is on this weight and serve the nutrition panel calculations have been based. Remember to adjust the panel if you are increasing the serving size, having seconds or replacing ingredients – this is important. It does not include any additional sauces and seasonings unless specified in the recipe. All ingredient weights are prepared weights – for example, fruit and vegetables are peeled, seeded and cored (where specified) and ready to use. The eggs used are large free range eggs with an average weight of 60g. The measurements used are metric. Measurements are given in spoons and weight (g/kg) or liquid measures (ml/l). A tablespoon in Australia is 20ml; in the UK and the US it is 15ml. Where there is a reference to a cup an Australian 250ml cup has been used.

sweet nothings

The sugar substitutes we have used are Xylitol and Queens brand sugar free Maple Flavoured Syrup which contains Sorbitol and Sucralose. We have also used Light no added sugar Cranberry Juice which contains Sucralose. There are many sugar substitutes on the market and these vary from country to country. We have used Xylitol based on its performance in cooking, its similarity to the texture of sugar and because it does not have a bitter taste when heated. Please use the sugar substitute of your choice. Keep in mind the use of regular cane sugar or syrups such as pure Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup will alter the nutrition panel, particularly the carbs and sugars. The recipes have been tested, using Foodworks7®Professional Version 7.0.3016, tasted, adjusted and retested multiple times with an emphasis on low carbohydrate ingredients that add flavour to your meal.