Make your own smashed avocado on low carb toast at home and you will be able to save for a house in Melbourne!

Makes one serving, scale up for more.

Prep and total times don’t include making the microwave loaf, that would add 25 minutes to your work.

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  • half a medium (80g total) avocado
  • 1 teaspoon (5ml) olive oil
  • a pinch (0.40g) salt
  • 1 teaspoon (2.7g) dukkah
  • 1 slice (53g total) quick cheesy microwave loaf

Make your quick cheesy microwave loaf according to instructions.

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Mash the avocado with the olive oil and salt.

Toast a slice of microwave loaf between baking paper in a sandwich press.

Pile on the avocado and dust with dukkah.

prep time 5 mins

total time 5 mins

number of serves 1

serve weight 140g

energy 2018.3kj
energy 482.2cal
protein 13.9g
total fat 45.7g
saturated fat 9.5g
cholesterol 92.6mg
carbohydrate 2.0g
sugars  0.6g
dietary fibre 5.8g
vitamin c 8.8mg
total vitamin a equivalents 79.3µg
sodium 417.9mg
potassium 631.8mg
calcium 232.8mg
iron 2.6mg

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