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almalfi coast tuna salad with poached egg – 2g carbs per serve

By | March 6th, 2017|0-5g carbs, let's do lunch, recipes|

Almost a salad nicoise but with a poached egg. Easy low carb brunch or lunch. This recipe is for one person, scale up for more.   30g mixed leafy lettuce greens 1 can (130g) tuna in water 1 egg 20g pitted black olives 1 slice (10g) red salad onion 20g parmesan cheese, fresh [...]

pizza with smoked salmon, bocconcini & black olives – 6g carbs per serve

By | October 2nd, 2016|6-10g carbs, let's do lunch, main event, recipes|

 Using the recipe for cauliflower & parmesan pizza crust on the last post, here is this week's easy meal. Makes one medium pizza. Scale up for more.     1 slice (25g) smoked salmon 30g cherry bocconcini cheese 10g black olives, pitted 20g basil leaves, fresh 1 (210g) cauliflower & parmesan pizza [...]

salad nicoise – 4g carbs per serve

By | September 5th, 2016|0-5g carbs, let's do lunch, recipes|

A good solid lunch or easy dinner. The ingredients list is a serve for one, double it to share with a friend. 95g can unflavoured tuna, in brine 1 hard boiled egg 40g lettuce 40g green beans 55g cherry tomatoes 30g pitted black olives 1 tablespoon (20ml) olive oil 1 tablespoon (20ml) lemon juice, [...]

eggplant stew with feta & olives – 11g carbs per serve

By | June 24th, 2016|11-15g carbs, let's do lunch, main event - vegetarian, recipes|

 A warming hearty low carb dish for lunch or dinner. ingredients 800g eggplant 200g black olives, pitted 2 tablespoons (20g) capers 1 can (400g) tomato, crushed 400ml vegetable stock 4 cloves (20g total) garlic, fresh 4 tablespoons (6g total) basil, fresh 6 tablespoons (8g total) parsley, fresh a grind black pepper 4 [...]

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